Crimestoppers and G4S Cash Solutions renew partnership after helping to reduce attacks on cash vans by 80 per cent

G4SThe independent crime-fighting Charity Crimestoppers and G4S Cash Solutions today revealed they have helped reduce the number of attacks on the company’s cash vans by 80 per cent.

The organisations first began working together in 2009 to tackle cash in transit crime.

The Crimestoppers anonymous reporting phone line 0800 555 111 appeared on a number of G4S cash vans and appeals were made to the public to help catch those responsible for the offences.

As a result of this work and other initiatives by G4S Cash Solutions, the number of attacks has been significantly reduced from 696 in 2009 to 129 in 2014.

The two organisations have now announced they will be renewing their partnership to continue to tackle the crime together in the future.

Rodger Holden, Director of Business Development at Crimestoppers, said: “Attacks on G4S security vans and staff are very serious offences, which can lead to the loss of money and can be a violent, terrifying ordeal for all staff involved.

“It’s not always easy to catch the culprits because people who have information about the crime are afraid to speak out.

“By working with G4S Cash Solutions, we have helped to break down that wall of silence and have helped to bring down the number of attacks.

“They are a valued partner and together we hope to do plenty more in the future to reduce crime and make both working environments and communities safer.”

Andy Cruikshank, Director of Risk for Cash Solutions, added: “Our relationship with other agencies is critical to our success in keeping our cash in transit crews and our customer’s money safe, by catching and convicting those responsible for carrying out attacks, and Crimestoppers is a good example of that.

“Whilst the reduction in attacks have been significant, it is important to note that attacks on our crews continue and remain a major problem for us. We saw 129 attacks in 2014 and some of these have resulted in serious injuries for our crews.

“There is still a lot to do and our ongoing relationship with Crimestoppers will play an important part in our success.”

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