Emprise Sponsors Research into Excellence in the Security Sector

Emprise Services plc, leading support services provider, is delighted to announce it has agreed to sponsor the SRI’s 2011 study into excellence in security.

The research, supported by the BSIA, ASIS and the Security Institute, will focus on what makes security companies and security functions excellent. It will explore what is deemed to be excellence and what the larger providers do already do, and what they need to do in the future to advance the profession and provide excellent service to clients and end users.

The Security Research Initiative is a three year programme of research to develop new insights into security practice. Each year a separate study is undertaken, but the topics are inter-related. To date the research body have released six other influential papers. The combined findings successfully build a strong, clear, holistic perspective of the key challenges of the sector, equipping the industry with powerful insights and practical guidance as to how they might get the best out of the security function.

Emprise have signed up to a three year sponsorship of the Security Research Initiative led by Professor Martin Gill of Perpetuity. The aim of the initiative is to conduct research into security issues and the aim of this particular study is to provide a more informed base for understanding what the priorities for regulations should be. The first year project will be a definitive study on understanding excellence; the question the research will be asking is what makes the best the best? What do the best do well that the less good don’t do? What makes the best excel? In light of all that is impacting the industry – recession, consolidation, demise of the SIA, clients demanding more – Emprise and the SRI believe it is timely to focus on how the sector should and could respond. The SRI has confirmed that some members have suggested that such a study is urgent.

“Much is said in the industry about the perceived value that security provides to an organisation. Yet it remains the case that many companies do not see security as strategic or even important; more of an unwelcome burden or ‘grudge purchase’. The SRI generates insights that provide a more informed environment in which the professionalisation of security can take place. We are going to look at what makes security companies and security functions excellent. This will be a first for security” comments Professor Gill.

The study will interview clients, experts around the industry, representative associations and special interest groups to identify the best ways of developing in Britain by learning from those who do it best. In this world of security some companies are committed to developing good practice and new insights. On the Security Research Initiative top companies and the leading associations come together to engage in an annual study designed to produce new understandings and better practices to guide security. Professor Gill said, “I am delighted Emprise has agreed to join the SRI which is supported by companies that believe in innovation. This sort of project requires the commitment of those who believe in security and believe there is always an opportunity to reach new understanding and develop better practices. I look forward to working with the Emprise team in the years ahead.”

Paul Harvey, Emprise Operations Director responsible for the company’s security division comments: “We are delighted to be a part of the SRI and to be able to demonstrate Emprise’s commitment to excellence in this way. The SRI is a fantastic research body dedicated to furthering our industry through greater knowledge and professionalism; we are pleased to support this important initiative.”

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