EncSec Rolls out Its Tailored Cyber and Communications Security Service for Celebrities, HNWI’s and VIP’s

EncSec, the London-based independent management provider of cyber security and IT support services, has announced the launch of a complete and personalised protection service for the VIP digital user.

By their nature, celebrities, public servants, prominent business people and others in the public eye will always attract the attention of the new breed of internet and digital criminals that have emerged over recent years.

While EncSec acknowledge that it is important everyone should take steps to protect themselves online, it is the higher-profile people who tend to be targeted for their business and personal details.

“It’s not always just carelessness on the part of the user that causes a compromise or loss of information from a digital device” says Graeme Batsman, security director of EncSec. “Often, it can be a flaw or vulnerability in the actual device, network or internet connection system. And the cyber-hackers will lose no time in trying to exploit these vulnerabilities.”

“And a data theft of this nature, whether personal or financial, from someone with a higher public profile, can be very damaging, not to mention the extra unwanted publicity that might accompany it.”

As part of their high-security digital services, EncSec offer high-end PC, network and tablet security together with reinforced and encrypted email offering 100% protection from malware – those rogue programmes that cyber criminals install on users computers to steal data.

However, where EncSec is unique as a provider of digital protection, is in its child protection and mobile security offering.

Graeme continues: “We all want to know our children are secure from predators and unsuitable content when they are online, and EncSec offers various monitoring, tracking and controls to help parents keep an eye on what their kids are doing.”

“We also recognise that mobile phones are being targeted more than ever – and it’s not just the high profile hacking of celebrity voice mails we’ve seen in recent times. Eavesdropping, recording of calls and text messages and even the installation of malware is becoming more prevalent.”

“My fear here is that this type of data theft, particularly for the higher-profile person, can be used for all manner of illicit activity, including fraud or even kidnapping.”

While EncSec can provide the best security solutions for VIP digital customers, the company urges all users to take care of their digital property.

Graeme concludes: “EncSec are committed, through the use of the latest technology, to helping its customers always stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals. However, there is an element of self-help users can undertake.”

“If you leave your PC or mobile phone unattended without a password, not even our experts at EncSec can help you!”

“After all, you’d hardly stand back and let everyone watch as you tap your PIN number into an ATM machine.”