Interconnective Security Products sees rise in security product sales

Interconnective Security Product’s clients are taking the recent European security threats seriously. Interconnective has sold over 100 specialised Adams Metal Detectors and Under Vehicle Search Mirrors to several clients recently, with more orders pending.

Adams Metal Detectors are a range of innovative, high quality and professional metal detection solutions, which are firmly positioned internationally as the metal detection sector market leader. All their metal detectors are manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2000 UK based facility. Adams are well known for their extensive research, development and innovation in the metal detection field. Their leading range of metal detectors can be viewed on the Interconnective website.

The need for vehicle search mirrors has become greater as security tightens. Not only have under vehicle searches become the norm, there is a growing requirement for over vehicle searches, which are more thorough and flexible. In designing their vehicle search solutions range, Interconnective has taken into consideration the changing landscape. Their range of search mirrors can be viewed on the Interconnective website.

Bobby Logue of Interconnective Ltd

Bobby Logue, Managing Director of Interconnective, has said: “Interconnective Security Products has a range of over 200 products. Whilst we are best known for body armour and patrol systems, we have a range of products focussed on equipment for security personnel, which includes metal detectors, search mirrors, needle stick gloves and the recently released body worn video system”.

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