Kings Opens New Technology Monitoring Centre

On the 21st of June Kings Secure Technologies unveiled their new CAT 2 Technology Monitoring Centre. This facility is able to monitor millions of events in real-time. It also has a new Cloud telephony system which enables operators to listen to, assess, record and process every alarm. The purpose of this upgrade is to decrease response times in accordance with BS5979.

Kings emphasises that the upgrade is both functional as well as cosmetic. They state that they have a commitment to the well-being of their operators and delivering a comfortable working environment.

With regards to the upgrade, Eddie Atkins, the Technology Monitoring Centre Manager, has stated “Our commitment to the well-being of our operators and to deliver the premium service we promise to our customers is of paramount importance to Kings. Our aim is to answer 95% of telephone calls within 20 seconds. with the new technology and working environment that we have now in the Centre, our performance is just going to get stronger and stronger.”

Kings Secure Technologies’ public statement refers to their emphasis on innovation and the necessity of such a facility for the continued provision of industry leading services.

If you would like to take a tour of this facility, please contact Kings directly as they are at present offering tours to anyone who is interested in finding out more.