National Gallery announces partnership with Securitas

The National Gallery has appointed Securitas as its partner to manage some visitor facing and security staff services.

This is part of its commitment to modernisation and a move that will enable the gallery to operate with greater flexibility, allowing it to provide an even better service to its more than

6 million annual visitors and maintain its position as one of the leading global art attractions. The National Gallery is a public asset and as such it has a duty to ensure the collection and the Gallery is accessible as often as possible, to as many people as possible.

Securitas has a proven track record in security and visitor engagement roles within the arts and culture sector globally.

The key concern right now is to ensure that all gallery staff are kept fully informed about the partnering with Securitas, and that those people directly affected by this change are provided with all the relevant information and advice they may need at this time.

No members of staff will be made redundant in this process and all affected staff will continue to be paid the London Living Wage. All those staff affected will have the option to move to Securitas with the same Terms and Conditions and remain a valued part of the National Gallery family (just like their fellow staff members who are employed by DOC, Antenna and Peyton & Byrne etc).

The National Gallery is one of the last major national museums and galleries to take this step of appointing an external partner to manage these services.

Sir Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery said; “The Gallery needs an experienced and competent partner to support it now and in the future and we believe that Securitas is the best possible partner for us. This is the right decision for all our staff and for the future of our Gallery.”

Brian Riis Nielsen, Country President and Managing Director from Securitas UK said; “We are delighted that the National Gallery have chosen Securitas as their future partner and are looking forward to developing a strong partnership with both the National Gallery and their staff.”

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