Waste management a sustainability challenge for Mitie.

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Mitie has improved performance for the ninth consecutive year and claims strong progress towards its 2020 targets in relation to clients, suppliers, social initiatives and environment.

But the report notes: “Our waste management continues to be a challenge because of the large number of waste management contractors and our high proportion of landlord serviced properties.

“Our total waste volumes have increased, driven by a net growth in estate size. Our recycling rates remain fairly consistent with last year; though we accept that there is a considerable level of uncertainty in our waste volumes and recycling rates.”

The report states it is because this year it has a higher proportion of sites where waste and recycling volumes had to be estimated and two initiatives to cut such a reliance had not worked as well as expected.

One was not putting into action a combined property and waste management programme.

Mitie’s ‘Green Stars’ network – Mitie employees responsible for monitoring waste in its offices – which “has not been as effective as previous years, with only half providing readings and waste numbers”.

In the coming year, it promises to ensure that automatic meter readers are installed in its principal properties to decrease the  reliance on Green Stars.

Ruby McGregor-Smith, Mitie Chief Executive, said: “Sustainability is more than a business strategy, it is part of every decision we make. We are building a business that is all about long-term relationships with clients, our people and the communities in which we work. Our sustainability strategy plays a critical role in our ongoing success.”

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