Bill Butler’s Blog June 30th 2011

Bill Butler - Chief Executive of the SIA
Bill Butler - Chief Executive of the SIA

The Chief  Executive of the Security Industry Authority updates the industry on S.I.A. activities during March in his latest on-line blog. Bill writes; “Work on our plans for the future of regulation (our ‘Blueprint for Change’) continues in earnest and since the Minister’s request in March, we have been working with the industry and other stakeholders to put together more detailed proposals. The discussions from these meetings have helped to shape our suggestions for the new regulatory regime paper in support of the Government’s intention for the private security industry.


“Ruth Henig presented our suggestions to a meeting of the Strategic Consultation Group, which took place on Tuesday 21 June. Initial responses from this group and other industry groups I have so far spoken to seem to be positive. We are now beginning to get into how a new regime may work and I expect that, as we continue to work with the industry and discuss the future regime, the debate will become more focused and more robust.

“The directors and I will be taking all opportunities to talk to our stakeholders to explain and discuss the proposals. I want to hear what people think the new regime should be like and now is the time for those in the industry and beyond to make any suggestions. I have attended and spoken at a number of events within the industry and I have met with officials at the Home Office and in Scotland and Northern Ireland. I recently attended the Door Supervisor and Small Business Network meetings, and spoke at a Skills for Security seminar.

“Following my attendance at the Derby Doorwatch meeting, I shall be going to the July meeting of the Nottingham Doorwatch. I enjoy these events: they provide a forum where front line operatives can ask me any questions they may have, and they are a good opportunity for me to meet security operatives in their own areas. Once again I look forward to a lively debate.

“Finally, we expect our annual report and accounts to be published around 11 July. The report sets out our performance over the last financial year and how the licence fee has been spent.

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