Bob Forsyth – Technology Advancement adds to Threat Landscape

Bob Forsyth – Chief Executive Officer at Kings Security

In his latest blog for Bob Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer at Kings Security writes: “The recent drone threat incidents at Gatwick and Heathrow have highlighted the way that the advancement of new technology can change the risk landscape for our clients, and the way in which we as an industry need to react to new technology. While we welcome technology such as drones; they assist our ability to monitor large areas and new ways of reviewing from the air clients’ locations and facilities, giving another tool to add to our thinking, we are less concerned about the way the bad guys may be looking to use the new technology and how they will utilise it.

“It’s interesting to note that systems have been designed to defend against drone attacks and have been available for quite some time, but not utilised at the airports mentioned above until a major incident occurred, making headlines around the world. This shows the way technology advancement can develop new threats and change risk profiles almost overnight. We as a sector need to be taking more seriously the downside of technology advancement and factoring it into our guidance and approach to clients’ 3/5-year planning and risk mitigation.

“This whole subject got me thinking, where else are we seeing the exciting opportunity of technology advancement where we start to understand major progression and opportunities for us as business leaders to be introduced: autonomous vehicles, robot services / AI in and around our clients’ locations? We have already seen the potential hacking of autonomous vehicles which could then be used as a weapon, why bother stealing a vehicle and using it as a weapon potentially killing yourself in the progress, why not hack a vehicle that’s potentially fast moving in a built-up area and accelerating it at the nearest target?

“This is one of those topics where you could write books, and we do, about just one aspect of the new threat landscape. It’s an area of growing enlightenment for us all, but one that comes with a growing threat alongside.”