Bob Forsyth; what do we really mean by adding value?

Bob Forsyth
Bob Forsyth - Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management

Bob Forsyth, the Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management (TSM) introduces his second blog on by looking at the much maligned phrase “adding value” Bob asks; “Adding value is phrase that we hear, and use so often these days, but what does it really mean?”

“For me adding value is a way of bringing something to clients that is meaningful to them as each client’s interpretation of value is different. Value is not only about cost savings but about increasing effectiveness of the services we provide and essentially doing more for the same. There are several definitions of the word ‘value’ but the one common theme across them all is worth – meaning that whatever is offered as adding value has to be worth something; whether that be in financial gain, merit or improvement of service. So how do service providers add value?

“I’m passionate about innovation which is a fundamental way of adding value. But innovation to me is not purely about technology or gadgets. I think of innovation as a mind-set; a new way of doing things and thinking outside of the ‘norm’ and being flexible to change.

“The days of ‘adding value’ through additional tasks carried out by security personnel are gone, and re-filling photocopiers and setting up meeting rooms should be delivered as standard so long as balance is maintained and doesn’t take officers away from their core duties at the expense of security.

“I’m starting to see service providers across all industries introduce the flexibility I’m talking about, such as mobile phone companies and health clubs. I’ve noticed a new approach from these companies to their customers – gone are the days when you’re tied in to one particular package, constrained to the parameters of the original contract, and any need to be flexible being a burden on the pocket. These service providers are realising that the society we live in is more fast-paced than ever and no one can guarantee that their future needs will be the same as they are today.

“I’d like to see this approach adopted in the security industry so we recognise that security needs change according to shifting risks and threats, and therefore we should apply a similar flexibility via a risk-based approach to service delivery.”

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Bob Forsyth, the Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management (TSM) has over 15 years’ experience in the service industry. He is a strong relationship builder who is financially astute with excellent negotiation and communication skills, and the ability to work with people at every level. A team player, Bob is able to lead by example.

A member of the Institute of Directors (IOD), Bob has recently completed a Leadership course at Cranfield University. He is a keen advocate of MITIE’s partnership approach and is a champion of the business’ strategic risk-based approach. He sees this as an opportunity to move the business forward, and as such has launched a dedicated security risk and business resilience team since his most recent promotion. He takes every opportunity to promote MITIE’s presence within the industry through his involvement with industry bodies such as City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) and the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA). Bob is also a member of the RISC (Resilience Industry Suppliers Community) which is the leading business think tank on UK Security advising government on security.

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