Chris Cully; Cameron Stands As Lone Man Of Europe

Chris Cully
Chris Cully

Not one to mince his words columnist Chris Cully provides his somewhat forthright views on the recent developments in Brussels for our readers: The splendid headline emblazoned on the front of my Saturday’s Telegraph and an absolute statement of fact has fired me into action to write a quick political commentary. Whilst this is not high tone political commentary it is most definitely a bold and determined shout from the trenches.

In reading the Telegraph’s front page, I was immediately drawn back in history and saw the striking similarity between Mr. Cameron’s position to that of Mr. Churchill in the late 30’s. The lone voice in the wilderness warning sonorously of the ever increasing threat to our nation and the free world, from a determined Germany led by a short, aggressive and not particularly attractive person.

After some 13 years of Labour Prime Ministers, to wit “Appeaser Blair” and “Sell the Family Silver” Brown, who released all IRA terrorists for not one bullet or weapon surrendered as per the original agreement (“put out of use” confirmations by Canadian General’s don’t count in my world!) and continually disposing of Great Britain’s history and rights to the Belgian bureaucratic black hole of back handers, the surrender to Europe has finally come to an end with Mr. Cameron’s defiant and determined action.

For too long, the dynamic and dangerous Frau Merkel has, in my opinion, stalked across Europe, allowing her influence, supported by the popinjay poodle of Sarkozy, the buffoon Belosconi, the Appeaser Blair and finally Bumbling Brown, to centralise the German position around her greatest weapon, the Euro.

This failed concept of the Euro Zone and the economically failed Euro has, like Tolkien’s Black Shadow of Mordor, flowed over Europe for too long, consuming and absorbing all in its path and is now reaching its destructive climax of an economic Armageddon.

Not so for Mr. Cameron, who like Aragorn of the same Tolkein classic, stood tall and defiant, clearly giving it in the strongest and most eloquent of Anglo Saxon to the diminutive House Frau and her French poodle “Enough is enough! Armageddon out of here and Great Britain is coming with me!”

At last again, a British Prime Minister who makes a promise to the British people and keeps it, against the most determined of detractors and gainsayers.

The correctness of his decision was amply confirmed and demonstrated by the appalling lack of manners and breeding of the French poodle, who brushed aside and ignored the statesman like gesture of Mr. Cameron’s openly offered hand. Appalling behaviour that sums up this French and German attempted coup.

Cue the assembled orchestra, choir and Promenaders of the Albert Hall for a rousing rendition of “Land of Hope & Glory”!

Naturally, Ed Milliband bunked off school at the direction the gibbering Labourite Grandees to drone on and on in his awful sixth former nasal natter and, as ever, said not a lot. Have no fear, sooner or later, the maternal Mrs. Milliband will realise that No. 2 son has been cutting both school and Prep to further his limited career doing prime minister impressions. The maternal slipper will be wielded and Milliband junior will be yet again grounded and thus absent from public view. Thank God.

Notwithstanding the banging of tables by the fist of Frau Merkel and the high pitched yapping support of the excitable French poodle, history tells us that the Euro as a currency and the Eurozone “caucus” as a state, can neither survive nor succeed. Frau Merkel would do well to read and learn the history of her country over the last century. Aggressive, short Germans supported by fawning spineless French leaders do not fare well nor reach a comfortable old age.

So, well done that man Cameron! Again, the British Nation stands apart from the floundering countries across the channel and places clearly not Europe, (well not according to my British Boys Own Book of Maps!) none of whom like each other and none of whom trust each other.

We’ve all been to weddings like that, haven’t we and we all know the final outcome.

Rule Britannia and God save The Queen!

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