A secure career opportunity for young people

To celebrate International Youth Day this Friday, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and Skills for Security are highlighting the many career opportunities that the private security industry can offer to young people from all backgrounds.

“In the current economic climate, finding a job can be difficult for young people, whose lack of experience and on-the-job training can prove a disadvantage in gaining work.” says James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA. “The security industry is committed to developing its future talent, and provides a diverse range of opportunities with a real chance of career progression, training and skills development.”

Earlier this year, the BSIA announced its support for Skills for Security’s ‘100 in 100’ challenge, an initiative aimed at employing 100 apprentices in the security industry within 100 days.

Launched at this year’s IFSEC exhibition and developed in conjunction with CSL DualCom, together with the BSIA, NSI, SSAIB and UBM, the initiative aims to employ at least 100 apprentices in the security industry by the time the Security Excellence Awards take place in early October, where the results of the challenge will be announced. The 100 in 100 challenge covers all types of apprenticeship, including installation engineers, manufacturing engineers, business administration, Human Resources, marketing and PR, all types of roles that the security industry is well-placed to offer, allowing young people to develop unique skills, experiences and a fulfilling career in a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

In addition to this initiative, examples of existing security industry success stories abound, and the BSIA’s Security Personnel Awards, presented earlier this year, showcased some of the brightest young talent that the industry has to offer.

Adam Todd receives Award from james Kelly
Adam Todd receives Award from james Kelly

Adam Todd, 21, was presented with an Outstanding Act award in the Yorkshire regional round of this year’s Security Personnel Awards. Working with a BSIA member company from the age of 18, Adam was provided with all the relevant qualifications to enable him to succeed in the industry by his employer, and is now employed as Security Team Leader.

Adam commented on his role: “This challenging role provides a daily test of my abilities for not only dealing with anti-social members of the public, but also in organising the team and setting a suitable example in how to carry out the day to day duties to a standard above and beyond the expectations of the client. I like the responsibility and the fact that I have surprised myself in my ability to handle a group of colleagues at a relatively young age, I also like the feeling of satisfaction from making a genuinely positive impact on the lives of others and my working environment. “

Adam enjoys the dynamic and at times challenging environment on the security industry. He said: “Working on the front line in the security industry can be fraught with danger and strife, however, the job is rewarding. I love that working in the security industry is a multi-faceted career choice with a great many options and choices available at any one time, it is easy to find a niche and find where you are most at home. I would like to progress my career within private security on my merits and achievements and hopefully have my efforts rewarded by becoming Branch Manager.”

Young people interested in a career in security can locate a local security employer by visiting the BSIA’s online Company Finder, www.bsia.co.uk/company-finder

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