BSIA renews section’s commitment to property and asset protection

David Frampton - BSIA PSES Section Chairman
David Frampton - BSIA PSES Section Chairman

The Physical Security Equipment section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has marked its twentieth anniversary by updating its identity and renewing its strategic focus, in recognition of the growing number of applications of the physical security equipment produced by section members.

Now known as the Property and Asset Protection Section (PAPS), the group acts as a forum for companies providing what is often termed the ‘backbone’ of security for both business and residential premises. This includes doors, locks, shutters and grilles, safes, fences and other protective measures. Vacant property protection is also at the heart of the section’s activity, as it includes BSIA member companies that specifically focus on this area.

Section Chairman, David Frampton, explains: “Physical security measures have always been among the first measures adopted by those wishing to protect their property and the assets stored within. Although we are now seeing a growing diversification in the nature of this usage, the protection of property and assets is at the core of what we offer, and the decision to change the section’s name was made in order to reflect this.”

Originally established in 1993, the Property and Asset Protection Section includes market-leading providers of perimeter security measures, who possess valuable experience in providing security measures for well-known clients in industries as wide-ranging as transport, healthcare, retail and banking.

David Frampton continues: “Since the section’s inception twenty years ago, methods of theft and forced entry into property have continued to become more sophisticated, and there is a need to be able to offer the market a package of physical security products and packages that are tested to recognised standards and approvals. As the criminal element of society continues to develop new means of attack, the industry must respond to, or pre-empt these, with new security solutions and when appropriate new standards.”

The section’s renewed focus is reflected in its new mission statement, which pledges section members’ intention to support their customers with best practice and guidance, while promoting benchmark quality through adherence to standards, compliance, innovation and positive relationships with industry stakeholders.

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