Carlisle Celebrates 23 years Providing Services to Tottenham Hotspur

In celebration of 23 years of continuous service, Carlisle Support Services is acknowledged for its longstanding collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur. The stadium, recently honored with the World Football Summit’s Best Venue Award, stands as the acclaimed home to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, NFL events, and various global concerts and leisure activities.

Having supplied staffing and stewarding solutions to White Hart Lane for 18 years, Carlisle Support Services assumed complete security oversight across the entire Tottenham Hotspur Stadium campus during its construction. Functioning as an integrated security and events partner, the company delivers comprehensive stewarding solutions encompassing access control, search operations, build phase security, and customer support.

Additionally, Carlisle oversees security operations throughout the stadium’s expansive grounds, including Lilywhite House offices, the Tottenham Experience, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Hotspur Way Training Ground, player accommodations at The Lodge, and the on-site 6th form academy, the London Academy of Excellence.

Paul Evans, CEO of Carlisle Support Services, expressed, “This enduring partnership exemplifies our dedication to service excellence. We take pride in facilitating secure and memorable world-class event experiences at this iconic venue. Moreover, we are delighted to contribute to employment opportunities in collaboration with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, fostering positive change in local communities and nurturing future leaders.”

A current Carlisle staff member, who participated in a customer service funded program, shared, “The program not only helped me secure a rewarding position within Carlisle but also provided avenues for future development and a deeper understanding of customer service.”

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium benefits from on-site 24/7 managerial support, including regular patrols and monitoring via a CCTV room equipped with over 750 cameras installed during the mobilization process in 2018. With a primary focus on cultivating exceptional talent, Carlisle Support Services boasts high staff retention rates on-site, enhancing the outstanding customer service associated with the prestigious brand.

In assessing Carlisle Support Service’s performance, Jon Babbs, Stadium Director at Tottenham Hotspur, remarked, “I genuinely believe this team is the most dedicated and solution-driven group I have had the privilege to work with. May this partnership endure for years to come.”