City Doorman Found Working With Fake Licence

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) and City of London Police found two door staff working illegally following checks at City bars and clubs on Saturday 4 July 2009. One doorman was working with a revoked licence and the other with a forged licence –both licences were confiscated and prosecutions may follow. By law, all door supervisors must hold a front line SIA licence and display this whilst working.

The checks were part of an ongoing operation targeting security provision at venues in the area. Nine events in City venues were inspected with 51 security operatives checked – 49 were working legally with valid SIA licences. In a previous operation on 12 June 2009 all door staff checked were found working legally.

Christy Hopkins, an SIA Head of Investigation said:“It was very encouraging to find the majority of door staff complying with licensing regulations. The City is unique and many promoters have spotted this and are now holding events at the weekend, so it is important that door staff working in positions of trust do so with valid SIA licences. However, the police and the SIA take breaches of the Act very seriously. Door staff working without an SIA licence, and those deploying them, are committing an offence and risk prosecution. Promoters risk having their events shut down.”

Inspector Ashlie May headed the operation: “Door staff have a crucial role to play in making sure the public enjoy a safe night out at the City’s pubs and clubs – and it is the force’s responsibility to make sure that the high standards among door staff are maintained. Checking SIA licences is a key part of that. Not only is the licence a legal requirement, by displaying it door staff are demonstrating that they have the training needed to do their job effectively. Those who do not have the licences are breaking the law and will be dealt with accordingly.”

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