Crackdown on criminals – Op Big Wing

Seized stun gun in Op Big Wing
Seized stun gun in Op Big Wing

Criminals from drug dealers and gang members to uninsured drivers and burglars were targeted yesterday by the Met Police in a major day of coordinated activity to cut crime and disrupt those who cause harm to London’s communities.

As of 19:00 last night, 387 people had been arrested for a variety of criminal activities; including burglaries, robberies and drug-related offences. The Big Wing Operation continued across the capital until midnight last night.

Borough officers were joined by specialist colleagues to carry out arrests, search warrants, licensing enforcement, ANPR operations, high visibility patrols and a range of other activity in what was the biggest ever Big Wing operation to date.

Officers also conducted street briefings and police surgeries across the Capital’s 32 boroughs to inform and engage the public on what is being done to tackle crime and disorder.

Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford said of the operation:

“Gang violence, drugs, and knife crime are serious, high harm crimes that can sadly have a devastating and lasting effect on local communities; however, there are also many other issues which might be seen as ‘lower level’ offences, such as anti-social behaviour or uninsured drivers, that we know can and do blight the daily lives of too many people.”

“Today’s operation is about showing Londoners that we have listened to their concerns and we are committed to taking robust preventative and disruptive action to stop this criminal activity and make their communities safer. It’s also about warning those intent on breaking the law and engaging in criminal activity that we will be doing everything we can to stop them, and wherever possible we will be putting them before the courts.”

“Officers from every part of the Met have been mobilised and will be out and about on your streets today, tackling the crimes that affect your neighbourhood. You will see police carrying out licensing checks, uninsured vehicle checks, executing search warrants, and patrolling your local transport hubs throughout the day.”

“Some of you will notice police surgeries where you can drop in to speak to an officer about your concerns; or street briefings, where you can listen in and find out what police are doing to make your neighbourhood safer. All members of the public are encouraged to engage with the officers, get some crime prevention advice, ask questions.”

“We are here to serve the public, and we hope today’s activity will be one way of showing some of what we do every day to make London safer for our communities.”

The activity taking place across London yesterday included the execution of warrants; arrests of those on outstanding warrants; arrests of gang members; arrests of domestic violence suspects; licensing checks; uninsured vehicle checks; ANPR; flying columns;  and street briefings.

The units and departments involved include all 32 London boroughs; Dog Support Unit; Mounted Branch; Territorial Support Group; Firearms Command; Trident and Gang Crime Command; Air Support Unit; Royal Parks Command; Traffic Unit; Special Constabulary; Police Cadets; Safer Transport Command;

To find out more details for your specific area please visit your borough page on the MPS website.

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