Sixteen ACS Star Performers kick off the new table

The ACS Star Performers table of high scoring Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) companies was officially launched today. The list consists of companies that are in the the top 5% of assessed scores within the ACS and have applied for inclusion in the ACS Star Performers table. Editor Bobby Logue said; “We have had 16 star performers join ACS Star Performers table, which we believe is an exciting start for this project. Further good news is the amount of page impressions received, indicating a large interest in the table. The ACS Star performers is part two our rejuvenation project. Our first improvement was the newcounter terrorism section, including a daily terrorism monitor, which is now producing impressive readership figures. In today’s competitive media environment, needs to lead the pack on new and creative innovation.”

Over the past few years there has been a call for companies to reveal their ACS assessed scores, to demonstrate differentiation; equally there are strong voices that oppose publication of individual scores. believes that the ACS Star Performers list allows high scoring companies the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements whilst not revealing individual company ACS assessed scores. There is no direct or implied connection between the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the ACS Star Performers list. ACS Star Performers table