Industry and Parliament Trust releases UK / EU Cyber Security Co-Operation Report

Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT)
Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT)

As a Supporting Organisation of The Industry and Parliament Trust UK Chapter, ASIS International was invited to contribute towards the IPT Commission report, CYBER SECURITY 2.0 REFLECTIONS on UK/EU CYBER SECURITY CO-OPERATION.

The ASIS contribution to the report was written by James Willison who is Vice Chair of the ASIS International European Convergence Committee supported by Chapter Convergence Lead Alan Jenkins.   James says about the report:

“The PAP Standard outlines many important solutions and it needs to be implemented more widely.  ASIS International has identified that only about 20% of organisations operate strategies which follow this holistic approach. It is really important therefore that parliamentarians promote the implementation of best security practises as our CNI depends on them. The PAP Standard recommends the deployment of cross functional teams which act in a pre-emptive way and common risk reporting to enhance an organisation’s strategy and thereby prevent a cyber physical attack. If one should get through, at least this approach will enable a fast response and greater likelihood of a good recovery”.

The IPT run numerous Policy Events, Industry Dinners and Parliamentary Receptions that ASIS members are attend and take part in and we look forward to working with them closely in the future.

About Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst is Vice Chairman, Strategy of the UK Chapter of ASIS International and a member of the European Advisory Council.  He is a director of recruitment consultants HJA Fire and Security.

About James Willison

James Willison is Vice Chair, ASIS European Convergence/ESRM Committee and is a Security Convergence specialist working in the area of Enterprise Security Risk Management: he is Founder of Unified Security Ltd

About the IPT

The IPT is an independent, non-lobbying, non-partisan charity that provides a trusted platform of engagement between Parliament and UK business. The IPT is dually supported by cross-party representation of senior parliamentarians on its Board of Trustees, and through the patronage of its industry supporters.

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