Insufficient evidence found to support licensing of in-house security guards

Licensing requirements will not be extended to include in-house security guards, the Security Industry Authority announced today. An SIA review, involving wide consultation with the security industry, found insufficient substantiated evidence of risk or threat to the public to support in-house licensing. The assessment took into account that regulation should only be targeted where action is needed, and that regulation should only intervene where there is a clear case for public protection. Following detailed discussion with SIA Chairman Baroness Ruth Henig and SIA senior management the Home Office approved the recommendation, requesting that the subject be revisited in three years time.

SIA Acting Chief Executive Andy Drane said: “During the review, no evidence was provided by the industry that would justify extending licensing to in-house security guards. While stakeholders are welcome to comment and provide feedback, there are no plans to re-visit the issue until 2012 – unless significant substantiated evidence is presented that clear risk to public protection across the in-house sector has developed.”

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