Olympic security company sentenced after SIA push for retrial

Magistrates CourtsOn 1 November Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd and its director, Lolo Daniels were sentenced for deploying unlicensed guards following a retrial.

The case was previously heard in April 2012 when the director, Lolo Daniels, and Platinum were both fined. That ruling was overturned on appeal and re-tried at Inner London Crown Court on 4 October.

Head of Investigations, Nigel Davies, said: “Today’s sentence reflects how seriously the courts view the use of unlicensed security operatives. Following the original verdict being overturned on appeal, it was important for us to pursue a retrial – something that has been justified by the guilty verdict and sentencing”.

The Private Security Industry Act (2001) PSIA offences were discovered in 2012 when Security Industry Authority (SIA) investigators inspected several security companies that were preparing to supply security to the Olympic Games. SIA investigators visited a construction site in Reading where Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd had supplied security services.

Subsequently the SIA made requests for information on Platinum’s staff and customers from Daniels, which revealed evidence of unlicensed guards working for Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd.

At the sentencing hearing Lolo Daniels was fined £5000 for deploying unlicensed guards, a Section 5 offence under the PSIA (2001). She was also ordered to pay £18,500 in costs within 12 months. The company itself, Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd was also fined £5000 and ordered to pay £18,500 costs for the Section 5 PSIA offence. The penalties totalling £47,000.

The judge also ruled that non-payment would result in 3 months custodial sentence in default.

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