Police bring in 802 criminals in first week of Harvest

Greater Manchester PoliceGreater Manchester Police’s Operation Harvest geared to bringing thieves, thugs and fugitives to justice has arrested 802 criminals and seized £98,795 in cash in its first week.

Of those arrested 195 were wanted offenders including three that featured in the Force’s Most Wanted publicity last week that saw photographs published in the media and on social networks of fugitives with a call to the public to provide information on them.

Officers are keen for the public to continue to provide information on wanted offenders. People can visit www.gmp.police.uk to see the latest most wanted criminals and follow Operation Harvest’s progress on Facebook, Flickr and on Twitter on #harvest @gmpolice.

The high impact operation has seen 423 arrests for theft offences that include burglary, robbery and vehicle theft and 379 arrests for crimes involving violence. Of these 117 and 78 were of wanted criminals respectively.

Police executed 92 search warrants on properties of suspected criminals over the week and made 13 cash seizures amounting to £98,795 under POCA ( Proceeds of Crime Act) that allows officers to confiscate funds over £1,000 that they suspect may have been made from or could be used for criminal activity.

Specialist and divisional officers have made home visits on 1,483 known thieves across the county to ensure that they are fulfilling bail and curfew conditions and not returning to criminal activities.

Officers have also made pro-active home visits to 302 repeat victims of domestic abuse to ensure that abusing partners have not returned to harass them.

Almost 1,200 scrap metal yards, second hand shops and pubs and clubs have been visited to ensure that they are adhering to relevant licensing and trading legislation and are not involved in handling stolen goods.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney who is leading Operation Harvest said: “We have made a good start in clearing out the bad apples that spread their rot in our communities and stop law abiding citizens from enjoying the hard earned fruits of their labour through theft and violence.

“However, Operation Harvest is far from over and we will continue our relentless pursuit of thieves, thugs and fugitives in the coming months.

“The public can support our efforts by providing information on the criminals featured on our website and those causing misery and hardship in their communities by ringing us directly on 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers.

“Criminals can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned in our hunt for them. Any that escape our Harvest can expect a cold, joyless winter of constantly looking over their shoulder for us and wondering who is going to turn them in.

“My advice to them is do yourself and the good people of Greater Manchester a favour and turn yourself in.”

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