The BSIA stresses the importance of transport security as the terrorist threat level is raised to ‘severe’

As the UK air and railway terror threat level has been raised from substantial to severe, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) urges public sector organisations to engage with the private security industry to further reduce the chances of attacks from occurring, highlighting the important role played by the industry in the fight against terrorism.

Although the terrorist threat level upgrade has been described by officials only as a preventative measure, the new level means that terrorist attacks in the UK are considered highly likely. BSIA members of sections such as Police & Public Sector, Civil Aviation, Security Guarding and CCTV are at the forefront of the provision of effective security measures for the national transport system, and are therefore keen to cooperate with the police forces and security services to overcome this growing threat.

The announcement comes just two months after the plot by Yemen-based members of terrorist group Al-Quaida to smuggle explosive materials within innocuous-looking printer cartridges on US cargo planes.

Ashley Smith, Chairman of the BSIA’s Civil Aviation Section, commented: “The UK terror threat is, by nature, diverse and ever-changing, with terrorist groups constantly developing new methods of attacking our country’s transport network”.

“The rise in terrorist threat level means that complacency is not an option and proves that extensive security measures are an essential defence both for the travelling public and for potential victims on the ground”.

“The private security industry and the Civil Aviation Section are already assisting the UK security services to counter the threat of terrorism at airports, and we urge all UK security services to continue to engage with the BSIA at all levels. Although we understand that airport security measures can sometimes be inconvenient and uncomfortable for travellers, it is important for the public to understand the crucial role they play in ensuring the safety of their journey, and therefore customer cooperation is always greatly appreciated.”

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