Ultimate Security Services awarded prestigious Broadgate Estates London Contract

Following a thorough selection process, Broadgate Estates has appointed Ultimate Security Services as its new service partner for manned guarding services at both More London and London Bridge City.

Currently, London Bridge City and More London are serviced by 2 different contractors.  A key drivers in the tender specification was to consolidate both manned guarding operations and appoint a service partner with the capability to create and develop a strong one team ethos while delivering unrivaled and innovative risk management.

Steve Hall

Steve Hall, Chief Executive at Ultimate Security Services, said: “We are delighted to been awarded this prestigious contract following a comprehensive procurement process. We’ve been able to approach the contract with some innovative ideas to embed a culture of service excellence and we are adaptable to meet the client’s future needs.”

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey, Commercial Director at Ultimate Security Services also commented: “Clients and supply partners alike are increasingly driven to ensure every interaction between service personnel and end-user customers is as positive an experience as possible.  Optimising all of this requires strong management and team leaders.  Our model focussed on consistently delivering our client’s vision and values.  We focussed on our capability to deliver engaged frontline personnel that understand their pivotal role and the part they play in the customer experience journey.

Mark Chapman, Estate Director and Paul Jackson, Client Services Director at Broadgate Estates commented on the appointment.  “Ultimate Security Services submission demonstrated a complete understanding of the objective set out in the specification.  Ultimate Security Services has a proven track record in consolidating contracts with multiple service providers whilst aligning organisational, cultural and business objectives, which is why they were selected for this prestigious contract”.

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