Domehawk eco – a new ultra low power dome camera from MEL Secure Systems

MEL Secure Systems, the leading developer of surveillance and security solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Domehawk eco, a new ultra low power dome camera.  Using the latest CMOS technology, it has been designed from the ground up to run on low power giving up to 6 months operation from the internal battery without recharging.  Domehawk eco can also be connected to solar panels and wind turbines making it ideal for unattended operation in remote sites.

Domehawk eco draws less than 50 milliamps, considerably less than any other commercially available CCTV cameras.  This has been achieved by using a leading edge, energy efficient video transmitter and eliminating power hungry functionality such as Tours and Privacy Zones.  The camera also uses a 1/3” CMOS chip with 22:1 optical zoom and a special Pelco compatible pan, tilt and zoom mechanism.  It operates in most light conditions down to 0.1 lux.

“We took a different approach from other manufacturers when designing this energy efficient dome camera,” commented Peter Druzyc, Managing Director of MEL Secure Systems.  “Instead of trying to design suitable wind turbines or solar panels to power existing systems, we started with a blank sheet of paper to develop a camera that provides unattended operation for up to one yearwith just 2 days of sunlight per month.

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