MOBOTIX Launches New Camera Platform – M15

MOBOTIX AG today launches the new camera platform, M15. A platform which is based on the new MOBOTIX 5 Megapixel Technology. It offers two exchangeable sensor modules and further builds on MOBOTIX ‘innovative camera platform concept.

“The M15 offers the latest in MOBOTIX ‘camera system technology and follows a proud tradition that we have started over 13 years ago with the M1 and have continued with the M10 and M12,” says Dr. Ralf Hinkel, founder and CEO of MOBOTIX AG. “We are confident that the M15 will be breaking ground in many ways; technically, as a product platform concept, design-wise and because it is developed in a unique combination between end-users and MOBOTIX.” The M15 is naturally developed around the MOBOTIX decentralized system technology which saves costs, management and network resources for the end-user.

The M15 product platform offers two exchangeable 5 Megapixel sensor modules which are exactly the same modules as for the recently launched S15. “We have developed the M15 in close cooperation with our end-users and partners. Our end-users want a dynamic platform that can change with their current and future needs, and our partners want a platform for many different applications,” continued Dr. Hinkel. As the sensor modules can be easily exchanged by the end-user, they will always have an up-to-date camera surveillance system regardless of original mounting place and, at that time, the intended focus of that specific camera. “The end-users and our partners can today choose up to 5 completely different sensor combinations for this platform and in the future there will be even more,” said Dr. Hinkel.

By using 5 Megapixel sensors for the M15 camera platform, the users will gain more than four times better light sensitivity in all conditions. The new sensor technology offers a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second and the zoom capabilities are increased by 27% in colour and by more than 200% in black-and-white. “It is important to emphasize that the M15 is a Day-and-Night camera not a day/night. The difference is huge between these two concepts, the M15 sensor modules, depending on configuration, are always able to offer one day and one night image simultaneously, which is especially important in low light conditions as well as in no light,” commented Dr. Hinkel.

The new M15 camera platform is IP66 certified and is successfully tested at a temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C. Following MOBOTIX established product strategy, the M15 does not need any additional housing, fans, heating etc. “The user can take our new camera platform and literally install it wherever he or she wants to. We have people using our products in very extreme environments and they will be very happy with the M15,” said Dr. Hinkel. The M15 camera platform only needs around 5 watt to be fully functional, which both saves costs and energy for the users. “The new M15 is marked with the MOBOTIX Green IP-Video logo for being exceptionally environment-friendly, which is a social conscience initiative that MOBOTIX have taken and I feel very strongly about,” concluded Dr. Ralf Hinkel.

A special advantage: The M15 is fully integrated with the new revolutionary MxActivitySensor technology for intelligent motion detection that reduces false alarms and errors considerably.


The M15 is available over authorized MOBOTIX distributors and partners.