Advance associates speak up about the threat to city security

Advance Security has gathered a number of high profile speakers from across the industry to tackle one of the biggest emerging threats to City businesses at a London breakfast seminar on Wednesday 26th January. The events of last year exposed growing concerns over the vulnerability of couriers and air cargo to terrorist activity. When a routine fuel stop at East Midlands Airport uncovered bombs bound for US synagogues it served as a stark reminder of the very real threat to the supply chain. To address the severity of the alert and how the City can proactively protect against another occurrence, Advance Security has called upon speakers harbouring the latest intelligence on this ongoing issue to present at its forthcoming event in London’s business district.

“As one of the world’s biggest financial hubs, the City of London and Canary Wharf are all too aware of the risk posed by a potential terrorist plot”, said Advance Security’s Managing Director, Richard Bailey . “Forming close working partnerships is fundamental for all security professionals striving to maintain the necessary counter measures to tackle today’s ever changing security threat head-on and we’re pleased to be able to leverage our relationships to provide City businesses with the information they need to take an intellectual stand against the exploitation of our courier and air cargo networks.

“The speakers we’ve lined up are on the frontline dealing with national security issues day-in and day-out. With representatives from the City of London Police; our trusted security auditing, consultancy and training partner, Senate; and the globally recognised BAE Systems, we’re sure the seminar will be a very valuable session for anyone involved in security, business continuity and the supply chain.”

Detective Superintendent Chris Greaney, City of London Police, commences proceedings with a look at the extent of the threat and insights gleaned from the very latest terrorist intelligence, focusing on the City and the Wharf.

Paul Keeling, CEO Senate Group offers an independent perspective on the appropriate steps to help prevent or at least reduce the risk of a repeat incident. He also takes a look at Government proposals and puts forward his viewpoint on the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Mick Baines, Head of Security Operations, BAE Systems, tells it how it is working at the coalface with an overview of some of the key security issues for the defence sector today.

To register a place at the seminar, please send an email to with your name and organisation.

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