G4S to speak-out at the Lone Worker Safety 2010

G4S Secure Solutions (UK), part of the international security solutions provider G4S plc, will be a major sponsor of and a key speaker at the Lone Worker Safety 2010 conference and exhibition in London on 11 May. The event, to be held at London’s Earls Court Conference Centre, is aimed at like-minded professionals with a genuine interest in improving the personal safety of lone workers (defined as those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision).  This unique and important event is a definite “must-attend” for managers, team leaders and all those with a direct responsibility for the safety of at-risk or lone workers.

Addressing delegates on “The moral and legal obligations of protecting lone workers”, Bob Mayley, National Health, Safety and Environmental Adviser, G4S Secure Solutions (UK), will speak about how employers can keep employees safe, in particular their at-risk and lone workers, whilst fulfilling their moral and legal obligations.  Mayley will also discuss the likely financial impact on a business when it flouts its legal and moral obligations. With some 20,000 employees in our business, an issue that I’m often asked about is keeping lone workers safe.  With a considerable number of laws and legislations bandied about, it can be difficult to see through the fog of what we should actually be doing to protect our employees, particularly those that work alone or within a high risk environment”, says Mayley.

Visit G4S Secure Solutions on stand number 2 at the event.  G4S is able to provide expert advice on the type of control measures available for keeping your lone workers safe and offers a comprehensive managed solution for the protection of your at-risk and lone workers. As part of our lone worker protection solution, which has been awarded BS 8484 accreditation, our experts will work with you to carry out a thorough risk assessment of your needs.  We will then recommend and supply a lone worker device that is monitored 24 hours a day from our BS 5979 Cat II state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre (ARC) in Belfast.  In the event of an alarm activation, G4S can locate the lone worker, listen to live audio and verify the alert, escalating the call as necessary.  G4S’s accreditation means that the company meets police requirements to obtain a police response.

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