ISS UK Awarded the Carbon Trust Standard

ISS UK has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard until 2014. The Carbon Trust Standard certifies that organisations have reduced carbon emissions and demonstrated a strong commitment to making further reductions.

The award demonstrates that ISS UK has taken positive action on mitigating climate change by reducing their carbon emissions across all UK operations. Steve Workman, Head of Corporate Responsibility, ISS UK Ltd. commented:

– Being awarded the Carbon Trust Standard is something we can really be proud of and celebrate. The Carbon Trust Standard is great recognition for our achievements in carbon reduction and demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions year on year. This supports one of our key strategic Corporate Responsibility goals.

Richard Sykes, Chief Executive Officer, ISS UK Ltd, said:

– Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard adds substantial credibility to our environmental claims. The Carbon Trust Standard shows people which organisations you can trust to have genuinely acted on climate change and committed to ongoing emission reductions.

Some of the projects that have enabled ISS UK to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard include:

  • Reducing gas and electricity consumption across all 31 offices
  • Reducing the average CO2 emissions of cars on the transport fleet list from an average of 162g/km in 2008 to 124 g/km in 2011.
  • Introducing video conferencing across the business.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust Standard said:

– The Carbon Trust Standard is not awarded for sole efforts or achievements, but for on-going commitment to carbon reduction. ISS UK has focused on a range of carbon reduction projects which have helped them to reduce their impact on the environment and cut energy costs. I congratulate ISS for their commitment to reducing emissions and I hope they continue the great work to reduce their impact on the environment.

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