Dave Whittle – Security solutions and business continuity

Dave Whittle - CEO at Positive Response
Dave Whittle – CEO at Positive Response

Dave Whittle, CEO at Positive Response, discusses security solutions and business continuity in his latest blog for Infologue.com. Dave writes: “Around 4.1 million criminal offences are committed across the retail sector each year. In 2015 alone, the direct cost of criminal activity to retail was £610 million. With figures reaching some of the highest on record, companies have never been more focused on prioritising staff safety and security, particularly as a holistic solution can also enhance business continuity.

“Reports have indicated that a common method to combat crime and protect staff, is to increase the number of employees working on each shift. However, this ‘safety in numbers’ strategy does have its flaws and can hamper business continuity. Businesses end up paying wages for employees whom they don’t need and the cost of recruiting these additional employees can amount to a small fortune. Not only does this over staffing technique cost the business an unnecessary expense, but it also reduces the opportunities which become available from implementing a more effective solution.

“One such solution is to harness and utilise all available technology to create a pre-emptive safety and security strategy. A holistic system like StaffSafe® combines microphones, loudspeakers, PIR sensors, CCTV cameras and two way communications with support centres to help diffuse any adverse situations that might occur before they escalate into anything more serious. This creates an ‘all-in-one’ solution that goes beyond Duty of Care and also supports business resilience and continuity.

“By taking a proactive stance on the situation, retail managers can be confident that their staff are both physically safe as well as feeling secure in their surroundings. Not only could these systems reduce the cost of paying unneeded staff wages, but they can even increase the window of sales available in the retail sector.

“Furthermore, as staff members feel safer with added security in place, and appreciate that their wellbeing is being valued by their employers, they are less likely to move on to other jobs, thus reducing staff turnover. As well as reducing recruitment and legal fees, a reduced staff churn will mean businesses need to spend less money on training and preparing new employees, along with avoiding the decreased productivity that occurs while new staff find their feet.

“One area which can particularly benefit from implementing a proactive security system is the petrol forecourt sector. One forecourt company, for example, previously conducted all transactions between ten in the evening, and six in the morning through a small side hatch to ensure staff safety. Although some trade is unhindered by operating through a hatch, other products, such as coffees and other drinks, which are often best seller items at such times, can’t be sold – resulting in a loss of potential custom. After the forecourt company implemented the StaffSafe® system, managers were able to decrease the hatch use time by two hours, meaning restricted service was only imposed between eleven at night and five in the morning. Moreover, this particular forecourt company estimates it will save around £100,000 in recruitment fees due to a lower staff turnover rates.

“Safety and security solutions such as those offered by Positive Response can significantly reduce business costs, increase sales, promote employee wellbeing and foster a positive disposition towards the company – all factors which contribute to successful business continuity”.

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