Bob Forsyth – The Key battleground for client data

Bob Forsyth – Chief Executive Officer at Kings Security

Bob Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer at Kings Security, discusses new disruptive technologies and their impact on today’s marketplace in his latest blog. Bob writes: “Our sector has been changing and it’s happening with us almost not noticing. My business sits as an integrator of technology and security solutions, where we work with multiple platforms and products integrating them into a cohesive structure for our clients. We face intense competition from other providers who do similar things with similar products, but this is not where the real battle is raging – the real battle is in the equipment or platform that will be the source of data for analytical trend and building/device management.

“The technology development cycle is ever quickening and the challenge for our clients is around the platforms that we, as integrators, are promoting to be at the centrepiece of the client’s data storage and security management. For example, Video Management Software (VMS) platforms in years gone by were just that, but increasingly we are seeing VMS systems with an ever-expanding range of add-ons and plug-ins that enhance their capabilities into access control, intruder, fire, and analytics. At the same time, technology within connecting devices such as cameras are being enhanced with additional functionality that supports greater data and trend analysis. The component platforms are changing their inputs and outputs to be far more valuable to the client’s environment, thereby moving away from their original MO and becoming ‘disrupter products’. Each area is seeking to align themselves to be used as the hub of the connected workspace.

“As with the domestic home hub, which is increasingly taking multiple feeds from smart IoT devices to offer you a single method of managing your security, lighting and energy management, the battle is on for the business equivalent. Everyone from camera manufacturers and access control providers, through to VMS and BMS systems developers are enhancing their systems with an aim of becoming the primary platform for risk and trend evaluation. This is the real battleground and it’s fast becoming the place to be – it’s at the centre of the client’s universe, the brains where the body will be managed and dispatched. It’s the data here that will be the one that the client will want to manage his smart building from, making decisions based on trends from real data.

“This space is only going to get hotter and more competitive in the coming months. We will see the alignments of the key players once the real innovators and disruptors have taken their market share. There are a number of players entering the market including some really big names, I for one will watch as the battle unfolds.”

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