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OneAlarm has launched its new affordable house security range which offers a number of easy-to-install options and an affordable monthly monitoring service.

Burglary is one of the most common types of crime with Britain suffering the highest burglary rates in Europe.  With around half a million burglaries taking place in England and Wales each year more needs to be done to ensure people are able to afford to take the precautions necessary to protect their property and their possessions.

Jim Maddan, chairman of the Neighborhood and Home Watch Network, said: “The majority of burglaries are opportunistic and criminals will often simply choose the easiest-looking target.”

Despite the risks many people consider house alarms to be too pricey and only to be afforded by larger properties housing expensive antiques and, therefore, don’t even consider protecting their homes in this way. OneAlarm brings a high quality, yet affordable, option to the market which will enable more people to play an active role in the fight against crime.

The Metropolitan Police Office says that studies have shown a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary. Monitored 24 hours a day / 365 days a year OneAlarm also comes with the ability to control your system from anywhere in the world. There is even a mobile app for iPhone and Android users enabling OneAlarm customers to arm, disarm, change the passcode and update mobile numbers. And as part of the monthly monitoring subscription OneAlarm offers full technical support from a team of fully trained engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

With winter being the peak time for break-ins with the longer nights providing more cover now has never been a better time to consider protecting your home and your loved ones. As well as the inconvenience of having to deal with the aftermath of a burglary it can also be a very traumatic experience.  According to Victim Support it is the irreplaceable items which cause the most distress, the sentimental and treasured possessions which simply cannot be replaced. They also comment that following a burglary many people struggle to feel secure in their home with children, in particular, feeling frightened and needing support to cope.

The brains behind OneAlarm have over two decades of experience in the home security market. One of the company’s founders said:  “Following a number of high profile cases home owners now have the right to use disproportionate force to defend themselves against burglars. But who wants to be faced with having to physically defend themselves against someone who has broken into their home? Surely the best strategy is to keep them out in the first place? However, to date there have been very few cost effective options on the market. We were determined to develop something which was affordable yet enabled people to adequately protect their loved ones and their treasured possessions. Surely that is something we all deserve?

“OneAlarm is completely flexible – perfect for home owners as well as tenants, or students who may move around. We already have a number of users of the system and they have been surprised at how genuinely easy it is to install and manage. In addition we have had great feedback about how the system looks. This might be cost effective but it certainly doesn’t look budget!”

According to research conducted by more than half of the UK’s top 20 burglary hotspots are in London with Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and High Wycombe also featuring in the top 20. Essentially we are all at risk of being a victim of burglary.

The OneAlarm security solution is easy to install and 100% wireless. There are no long-term contracts and it doesn’’t require any drilling or modifications to the property, which may affect a deposit and/or tenancy agreement.

OneAlarm enables customers to pay a low monthly monitoring subscription of £9.99.  The customer can build their own system via the easy to use OneAlarm website They can choose from two base packages starting from £169.99 and add on extra sensors if needed.

The service can also be switched off and removed should tenants move to another house. With little effort, OneAlarm helps you significantly reduce the risk of burglary at your home. Day and night protection can give you a 100% peace of mind that your valuable possessions are kept safe.

If you were thinking about leaving it till later to get a home alarm fitted perhaps the following will help motivate you? A study conducted amongst a group of convicted British burglars on behalf of Halifax Home Insurance and conducted by a leading criminologist quoted one burglar as saying ‘you’re making our life too easy’.  How about we stop making their lives quite so easy?

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