Lone worker protection services from MITIE

The total security management business of MITIE, the strategic outsourcing and energy services company, has today announced that it is launching a suite of services for lone worker monitoring and protection.

This launch sees the expansion of MITIE’s services supported by the recent launch of MiTec (the security provider’s technology hub CAT II ARC BS 5979). A range of alerts can be monitored and responded to by the technology centre’s operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Clients will be able to choose from a range of different protective options for their employees, often using existing mobile devices, something which will help them in fulfilling their duty of care under The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

MITIE is working in partnership with Lone Worker Solutions Ltd (LWS), the company which has developed this innovative software, Lone Worker Manager™, to support lone workers, to offer a complete lone worker protection suite and web-based management system. Accredited to BS 8484 the range of services addresses all lone worker needs, with scalable options for a flexible level of protection and monitoring.

BS 8484 promotes best practice, puts a benchmark in place, setting stan dards for suppliers of lone worker device services to achieve and be measured against. Compliance with BS 8484 promotes effective use of resource, maintenance of a good level of support for lone workers and minimises the risk of false alarms being received and responded to.

Darren Gamage, Managing Director, Technology Services for MITIE’s Total Security Management business, commented:

“The build of MiTec has allowed us to expand our offering to take in to account protecting clients’ employees who work alone. I am really excited about widening our offering and this is another example of how technology and man power can work together.”

“I am delighted to have the expertise of Lone Worker Manager™ behind us and the Lone Worker Manager™ system means we can protect people working alone wherever they are.”

“We were thrilled to achieve the BS 8484 accreditation along with Lone Worker Manager™, as it means our clients will have total peace of mind that the service they are receiving from us is industry leading and fit for purpose.”

Matthew Walls, Chairman of Lone Worker Solutions Ltd. stated:

“With BS 8484 now the benchmark standard for lone worker safety in the UK, we are extremely proud that MITIE has selected our accredited Lone Worker Manager™ system and suite of safety modules to enhance the protection and monitoring services offered by MiTec, its fully accredited security and communications hub”.

The system uses a range of safety modules and multiple technologies with pre-defined rules, giving clients the highest level of flexibility in using a solution best suited to their needs. The modules often make use of existing devices, taking away the need for additional spend on hardware.

MITIE’s total security management business takes a risk-based approach to the provision and management of all security services, delivered through one management team to achieve cost and resource efficiencies. MITIE sees the future of security being technology-driven and is investing heavily in working with its clients to implement future-proofed security strategies.

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