Corps Security undertakes ambitious project to digitise it’s 161 year history

corps_security_archivesCorps Security, formally named the Corps of Commissionaires, is well-known for its’ long history which dates back to 1859 when it was established to help ex-servicemen returning from the Crimean War. In order to ensure that this history is preserved, Corps Security has announced that they will be digitising their history and have hired London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) archivist Dorota Pomorska-Dawid.

Ms. Pomorska-Dawid has been inspecting more than meters of records that relate to Corps Security’s history including a roster of former soldiers who joined the Corps which includes information such as details about their families, the military regiments they served in and any awards, medals or acclaims they received.

Pomorska-Dawid will report to Diz Sollesse, a member of Corps who acts as the archive’s custodian, for the duration of this project. This endeavour has been undertaken with the aim of digitising these artifacts to not only preserve them but make them accessible to historians and interested members of the public around the world. It is hoped that this project will be completed by Autumn this year.

In addition to the digitisation project, Dr. David Churchill, Associate Professor at the Leeds School of Law will also be including Corps history in his Personal history of Security project which may concluded with the creation of a booklet about the company’s history. The project is slated to begin in the autumn.

Mike Bullock, CEO of Corps Security said of the project, “We are immensely proud of our 161-year history and Dorota and David’s work will enable us to share artifacts with all those interested in military history and Corps’ own past.”