EPAM FM Services Announce Their National Security Partner as City Group Security

City Group Security are expanding its services to include the cities of Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham. This move marks a significant milestone for the company, highlighting its growing commitment to delivering top-notch security services to clients across these vibrant urban centres.

City Group Security share values with EPAM FM, prioritising the welfare and safety of colleagues. This shared commitment strengthens their partnership, creating a synergy that allows them to provide even better service to clients everywhere.

As City Group Security embarks on its journey with new colleagues from EPAM FM, the company looks forward to building a strong and collaborative partnership. This alliance is designed to enhance security services while fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees. Together, they are confident in their ability to achieve success and set new standards of excellence.

Awais Zahid, a key figure in delivering these services, is said to excel in this role. With the capable leadership of Jon Webster, Director of Operations for the North & Midlands, City Group Security is confident that this contract will succeed and flourish, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Matthew Potter, Director / Head of Facilities Management at EPAM FM Services, commented, “We are delighted to further extend our coverage into a national portfolio with City Group Security. We have worked with them across the south and received exceptional service delivery. We are on a journey with City Group Security, and it is refreshing to review the continuous improvement, standards, and achieving our goals together.”

City Group Security, a national security solutions provider operating throughout the UK, offers a diverse array of services, including those delivered by security professionals, key holding services, mobile response teams, and security advisors. With a majority female board and management team comprising 13 females and 12 males, the company benefits from a unique perspective and dynamic. This departure from the typical gender balance in boardrooms and leadership positions carries both symbolic significance and tangible impacts on the business and its operations.

At City Group Security, the presence of a female-majority board and leadership team highlights the importance of diversity of thought. This diverse composition can help for better decision-making processes and ensures that a wide range of perspectives is considered when making strategic choices. As a result, the company has seen an increase in innovative solutions, more effective risk management, and overall improved client performance.

With a female-majority leadership, City Group Security benefits from an inclusive culture and enhanced reputation. This signals to both internal and external stakeholders that diversity and inclusivity are valued within the organisation. This commitment has not only attracted and retained a diverse talent pool but also fostered a sense of value and respect among colleagues.

In various industries, including security, women in leadership positions can bring valuable traits such as strong communication skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence. These qualities are especially beneficial in fields requiring a nuanced balance between authority and understanding. Additionally, diverse leadership teams have shown a greater focus on workplace safety, implementing diversity training, and prioritising colleague well-being.

City Group Security’s female-majority board and management team stand out for their commitment to fostering diversity of thought, improving decision-making, and enhancing company culture. This approach brings a new perspective to security services and sets the stage for a more inclusive, innovative, and successful organisation.