SIA board members

Peter Dyke, Brendan O’Friel and Bruce Warman are to leave their posts as SIA board members on 1 April as their current terms come to end. Brendan and Bruce joined the board on 1 April 2003 with Peter joining on 1 November 2004. They were instrumental to the early days of SIA licensing and the development of the Approved Contractor Scheme.

SIA Chairman Baroness Ruth Henig said: “Peter, Brendan and Bruce brought their experience and expertise to the SIA and have contributed immensely to the overall strategic direction of the organisation. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and commitment throughout the past seven years. I am delighted to announce that Robin Dahlberg has been re-appointed as Vice-Chairman.”

The current SIA board consists of: Baroness Ruth Henig (Chairman), Robin Dahlberg (Vice-Chairman), Wendy Towers, Bill Matthews and Linda Sharpe. A further board member is due to be appointed in coming weeks after which the board will have a total of six members.

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