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Gordon Madgwick – Fighting Cheque Fraud in the 21st Century
In his First Whitepaper of a two-part series submitted to infologue Gordon Madgwick, Director at Cheque Consultant writes on the matter of Cheque Fraud and how we might consider the possible risks associated with the Banking Sector's introduction of ICS, (Cheque Imaging Clearing Systems) set to significantly reduce cheque clearing times. Fighting Cheque Fraud in the 21st Century: Cheque Fraud Detection in the New Clearing Model
Paul Barnard – The new walls of Cyber Security

In his first Blog for infologue Paul Barnard, Security Risk and Mitigation Director at Ward Security discusses the new virtual walls of security, the ever-evolving threats and the importance of regularly testing the robustness of your business to avoid being exploited by cybercrime.

He writes: "Walking through the City of London you could be forgiven for missing out on a show of history at every corner as you gaze up in wonder at the new glass skyscrapers housing people and ...