John Naughton – The Big Push…

John Naughton – Managing Director, Concorde Security Pte

In his first blog for, John Naughton Managing Director of Concorde Security Pte discusses his views on the Singaporean Government’s launch of a new security strategy and what can be learnt from it in the UK marketplace. John writes “I was very impressed to read of the great move by the Government in Singapore to launch their “Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM)”.

“The Singaporean Government’s desired outcome is to create the environment where security contracts move away from that of a headcount-base to one of agreed outcomes.

“This change allows security solutions that use technology to be better factored in tender proposals. Conducting a risk assessment so that there can be a change to security tender specifications and how they are evaluated, is one of several measures under a new plan launched on the 13th February. The full details can be found here.

“Working as the head of the UK based subsidiary of Concorde Security in Singapore, I find it very interesting to compare our two marketplaces. Alan Chua, our founder has written on the subject on two occasions now. His first blog can be found here & latest blog here.

“Alan views our situation in the UK as very similar to that of Singapore when he launched our unique IFS solution at the end of 2015.

“Just two years after launching, the company now protects over 200 sites in Singapore and has won admiration from many within the country. None more so than the Second Minister for Home Affairs and Manpower: Josephine Teo.

“Earlier this year, Alan had the opportunity to explain Concorde’s technology solutions to the Minister, who took Concorde’s innovative approach on board and adopted it as an integral part of the Security Industry’s Transformation Map.

“This is an excellent move by the Government in Singapore and must be applauded. The Government has looked at the Industry, identified its key issues and taken steps to address what it feels are barriers to its progression. Those principal areas of focus will now allow for an environment that is welcoming and rewarding to the adoption of innovative technologies into the design of security solutions. This shift towards outcome-based contracts will allow Security Professionals to design solutions that focus on the most important aspect of the service. The best possible protection of customers sites using the best combination of technology and manpower.

“The country benefits from an overall improvement in its Security protection. Individual customers are provided with real value in their solutions. The role of the individual Officer becomes more skilled. A fact not overlooked by the Government who will also invest heavily in new training to bridge any gaps in knowledge.

Gaining Momentum

“So, are we really that different here in the UK? Could we handle a move away from our traditional approach to providing Security solutions? Can we move away from a measure of hours worked to that of a measure of agreed outcomes?

“Do we embrace innovative ideas and technology within our solutions? Are we able to? Does our current system even allow for it? Do we need Government intervention?

“Do Tender requests encourage us to adopt innovative ideas within our solutions? How many allow us to take the role of Security experts and propose the solution? Or do we generally work to the same format that dictates the security specification to us? How many times do we dare rebel against the pricing doc? There can be a reluctance to proposing alternatives for fear of been “excluded” or losing crucial scoring points from the Tender Process. There is a need to firmly adhere to the rules of the Tender as deviation can be costly.

“I am encouraged by a growing number of Tenders that offer more flexibility, those that really do welcome new ideas and approaches as oppose to the token ‘nod to innovation,’ a reference to welcoming ‘alternative proposals’. Is this enough? Do we need more encouragement to be allowed to use our expertise and put more time and thought into designing a solution that is based on the desired outcome? Are we brave enough to forget about the hours required for a guarding contract and instead go ‘off –piste’ with a total combined solution-based proposal that we believe would better serve the customers’ requirements.

“Do we have the combined skill sets and understanding of each other’s products and services in our industry to be able to appreciate what will work best for our customers? Are we happy to introduce technology if it threatens our very existence?

“I look to Singapore and I see a Government who feel it in their best interest to stimulate this change. It has laid the framework and set the foundation upon which technology solutions will be welcomed. They are driving this major paradigm shift through rewarding what they believe will improve their Security Industry for all who work within it. I am convinced we are heading in the right direction here in the UK. Now, more than ever before we are looking to implement technology to our sites. Momentum is growing but I know that I for one would not say no to a very big push!”

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