BSIA Section Highlights The Benefits Of Access Control Technology

Following the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) recent research into crime in the recession, the Association’s Access Control Section is highlighting the benefits that users can gain from access control technology. The BSIA’s research revealed that security remains a key investment for UK plc despite the difficult economic climate with 92% of respondents retaining the same level of investment. In a summary report of the research findings, access control was featured as a popular security measure among the respondents.

BSIA Access Control Section Chairman, Mike Sussman, comments: “The research report makes for interesting reading and whilst it is encouraging that 83% of respondents haven’t seen an increase in crime or fear an increase, it is worth noting that 14% of respondents are looking to invest in access control as a security measure in the near future and 56% of respondents have an access control system in place at present to provide security.”

“There are many benefits of using an access control system. Increased security and point of entry to sites, buildings and rooms are the obvious ones but there is also visitor monitoring, automatic number plate recognition, integrated security and increased bottom line through operational efficiencies that makes the technology worthwhile.”

“An access control system prevents unauthorised entry and works as an early deterrent. Looking at the research it is clear that many businesses are already benefiting from access control technology and the hope is that this number will continue to grow.” The BSIA’s Access Control Section has produced various guides on the benefits of using this technology in a number of different environments including offices, schools and manufacturing sites.

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