Door supervision sector supports schemes to combat underage drinking during the festive season

As licensed premises and the retail sector renew their efforts to combat underage drinking, the British Security Industry Association’s Leisure Industry Security Section, which represents door supervision companies, is lending its support to the nationwide Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 schemes.

BSIA Leisure Industry Security Section Chairman, Tony Clarke, comments: “Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 schemes are an important means of preventing underage drinking all year round and become even more essential during the festive season. Door supervisors have a vital part to play in ensuring that licensing laws are obeyed and the public can enjoy the festive period in a safe environment. These schemes are a great tool to help us fulfil this role.”

“In the run up to Christmas, door supervisors in towns and cities around the UK will also be working closely with the Police to prevent disorder and minimise anti-social behaviour. This is also a time when PubWatch schemes come into their own as an additional information network and a means to protect staff and customers and preserve a safe social atmosphere.”

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