Fill in licence applications online with e-Fill

Applicants for SIA licences can now fill in their form online with the e-Fill service introduced by the Security Industry Authority. e-Fill has been designed to make it easier and quicker for applicants to complete their application form. It also has built in verification to reduce the likelihood of the form being completed incorrectly and returned to the applicant. Applicants fill in the form online, then print, sign and post it manually along with the required supporting documents.

Users register on the SIA website and log in to use the service. If they have previously submitted an application, the online form pre-populates information such as the applicant’s name, date of birth, town of birth, email address, postcode and national insurance number. The system also allows security providers to complete the form on behalf of their staff.

SIA Director of Service Delivery Stephen McCormick said: “We are delighted to offer this new service which makes it easier and quicker for applicants to complete their application form. Applicants can track the progress of their application and have online guidance at each stage of the process. The contact centre also has a dedicated option for those who need assistance using the new system. The launch follows months of testing and trialling to ensure the facility is working correctly and effectively. The development of e-Fill is part of our commitment to introduce e-services and provide a modern service to our customers.”

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