New Course Materials Available For Licence-Linked Training

Skills for Security has announced that it has redesigned its popular Basic Job Training packs in response to the SIA’s announcement concerning changes to their requirements for licence-linked training. From January new trainees in Guarding and CCTV Operation will need to be taught a modular programme, and Door Supervisor training will be brought in line with the new requirements in June.

In essence, all licensable occupations will be taught certain “core modules”, which will then be supplemented by specialist modules relating to the type of licence being applied for. This will mean that operatives who apply for a second licence will only need to study the specialist modules; they will not need to re-take the core modules.

Skills for Security has produced a suite of discs, each of which contains all of the materials trainers will need to teach their students – a Core Modules Disc, plus separate discs for Guarding, CCTV Operations and Conflict Management. The skills body has promised it will have also have a Door Supervision disc available, for the new rules applied to that sector in June.

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