DILAX launches New 3D people counting system at Railtex

DILAX, the leading global provider of people counting technology, is launching OptoCount, a new 3D counting system using Enumeris data management software, from stand C90 at this year’s Railtex which takes place at Earls Court in London from 30th April to 2 May 2013. This innovative system can be deployed on trains and in station environments and pioneers a number of new technologies and capabilities that will deliver significant benefits to the transport industry. They include access to real-time data and a greater range of measurements tracking passenger movements.

“As a specialist provider of people counting technology with over 24 years’ experience, DILAX has a higher level of understanding of the many ways that people counting technology can be applied to the benefit of the transport sector,” commented Nigel Fountain, Managing Director of DILAX UK. “OptoCount 3-D, coupled with our own Enumeris data management software, provides access to accurate real-time data that enables operators to make rapid and informed decisions that can impact on the performance of transport services.”

OptoCount 3-D is a web-based solution that is hosted and managed by DILAX and enables authorised users to securely access the data from any location around the clock. The data can be analysed to establish variation patterns based on different factors such as time, prevailing weather, etc. Unlike many competitive systems, customers retain full ownership of the data enabling them to use it freely as required.

Automated warnings of developing situations, such as overcrowding or queues at ticket offices, can be sent direct to staff using tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. Data management through the Enumeris software also offers easy integration with other systems including epos, access control and building management systems.

Installers have greater flexibility as the 3D sensor can be located in a wider range of locations. The sensor scans whole objects and slices them into multiple sections to provide more accurate definition. It can differentiate between adults and children as well as tracking their movements.

“Enumeris is already being used by many of the world’s leading international retailers to analyse the movement of people in public areas,” continued Nigel Fountain. “Such data can be used by transport operators for crowd control as well as measuring occupancy and dwell times in and around retail outlets in stations. This level of information has not previously been available using traditional people counting systems.”