Vital Technology develop rapid deployment CCTV and onboard video analytics tower system

Vital Technology have developed Xtend, a mobile rapid deployment CCTV and onboard video analytics tower system which provides surveillance and intelligent scene analysis at locations that are proving vulnerable to theft, trespass and vandalism.

Purpose-built to cope with difficult terrain and weather conditions, this ruggedised solution incorporates a hydraulic mast (extendable to nine metres) and 360° rotation tower housed in a trailer base unit with an environmentally-friendly 3000rpm generator.

Xtend is flexible according to user requirements. A common configuration is a four pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera assembly which can include cameras designed for ultra low-light conditions. Customers who need to pick up heat signatures can opt for thermal imaging cameras or a combination of thermal imaging and white light units. Optical performance can be up to 36x zoom. Four, six and 18-channel variants can be supplied.

Highly effective in day and night-light conditions, Xtend’s camera visibility alone can operate in excess of 100 metres, so identifying potential threats well in advance of competitive products.

Customers can opt for Xtend as a mains-powered version but a common requirement is the Eco90 diesel generator version. A range of wireless solutions includes the use of 3G or satellite standards. Effective use of radio frequency communications can produce a 1km line of sight, meaning that Xtend can be deployed in remote locations.

Vital are bringing Xtend to the marketplace in a technology partnership with SMC, part of onsite power equipment company ArcGen Hilta. The portability of the optical and video analytics capability of Xtend is based on SMC’s market-leading Eco90 lighting tower and trailer assembly.

SMC have ensured that the system can be fully self-powered with operation on a quiet 3000Kw diesel generator which can even allow users in remote terrain to operate additional elements such as powering tools, lighting and welfare facilities. The eco-friendly Yanmar engine will power the CCTV elements of Xtend offering up to 250 hours operation on a single tank of fuel.
The Eco90 trailer is the base for the hydraulically-operated mast which can be extended in 12 seconds and has been certified for wind stability up to 100km/hr.

Xtend’s video analytics can discriminate between people, animals and vehicles using algorithms with filters on direction, pattern of movement and speed. The fact that only meaningful data (as opposed to eventless footage) is processed produces benefits in optimising use of bandwidth and storage space.

Xtend can be used for many forms of perimeter protection and site surveillance. It will be of immediate interest to the events industry where security companies can optimise crowd monitoring at outdoor concerts, music festivals and carnivals as well as securing film and TV production sets.
The transport sector will benefit in terms of deterring and detecting rail cable theft, bridge suicide prevention, alerts on loitering, and securing staff and plant at motorway road works. Xtend will also be invaluable at critical national infrastructure (CNI) sites such as independent power stations and grid distribution hubs. Border agencies needing to protect temporary areas of vulnerability will be able to deploy the product rapidly.

Many utility providers will benefit as Xtend can help protect the integrity of water supply as well as being used to provide surveillance of flooding. All sectors of the construction and mining industries can use the unit for both preventative surveillance and incident response.

Speaking prior to February’s Executive Hire Show in Coventry, UK, (Feb 6-7), Lawrence Webster, Business Development Director at Vital Technology, said:  “Xtend’s exceptional portability and configurable range of target behaviour means that it is well suited to temporary usage at any gathering where organisers must both monitor and protect the public but may not have easy access to power and communication infrastructure. Xtend offers simple configuration of complex monitoring rules for truly intelligent surveillance and is particularly effective in monitoring crowd movement.”

Alerts can be provided locally on a viewing system while remote triggers can appear on an off-site system or via email to any PC or “Smart” device. Alarms can be received and analysed by an external alarm reviewing centre.Clients who need to respond promptly to end-users’ requirements in difficult environments will benefit from the flexibility and responsiveness of this truly rapid deployment recording and analytical solution.

Phil Winnington, Commercial Director ArcGen Hilta, said: “This is an exciting new partnership for us and Vital Technology. We operate in a number of overlapping markets so it’s a sensible move to bring together the complementary skills and experience of both companies on this project.”