‘Evidence Gathering’ Launch – A Concept to Protect Organisations through Incident Recording & Reporting

Chris Cully of Dilitas
Chris Cully of Dilitas

Two consultants within the security business, Jim Boodrie of 4256 Security Advice and Chris Cully of Dilitas, have joined forces to introduce a training concept entitled ‘Evidence Gathering’.

The concept was launched at a Seminar held on 21st September at the Vintners Hall Boardroom with a group of invited guests mainly representing City Institutions and Legal Partnerships.

There are a number of organisations that could well be in danger of not providing a structured Incident Reporting Process that could result in embarrassing situations when reports are called for from H&S enquiries or legal representatives and the recorded details fall short of expectation.

Incidents, when they occur, are in most cases dealt with professionally and by well-trained and aware personnel – they may take the form of First Aid Trained personnel or nominated Fire Wardens.

Jim Boodrie of 4256 Security Advice
Jim Boodrie of 4256 Security Advice

However, when these incidents do occur there is often a gap in the process as those who initiate the response and resolution are then called on to produce an objective report after the event; this creates a problem in that whilst these excellent trained people are carrying out their duty, they are unable to monitor simultaneously what the actions are that are being taken or the history and timing of the incident as it evolves.

The result is a report that misses key events and can then be subject to scrutiny and criticism at a later date.

A trained Evidence Gatherer, with the right equipment instantly to hand, will be able to Gather, Record and Report the incident in full and so produce a detailed report that both contains Clarity and Continuity. In this way when the Organisation receives a request at a later date from the emergency services, H&S or some legal representation, they will be in the position to forward a detailed and accurate report which answers the questions before they are asked and protects the organisation through its accuracy and professional format.

‘It is a fact that large organisations can be dependent on incident reports deliver by untrained people and the contents can therefore result in levels of criticism at later investigations due to lack of accuracy, timing and presentation’ said Jim Boodrie.

Interested parties can find out more by contacting Jessica Bowles, Operations Manager, Dilitas at Jessica@dilitas.com or by calling 07976 163 917.

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