Axis Group’s Acuity concierge service wins contract for Broadgate Quarter

broadgate_quarter_axisAcuity, the front-of-house business unit of the Axis Group, is now delivering concierge and support services at the Broadgate Quater. In addition to their concierge duties, the Acuity team is also responsible for events that are held on sites including festivals, pop-up activities, and sports screenings. The 460,000 square feet property owned by the Blackstone Property Management Group welcomes up to 5,500 people every day and is located in Hackney, London.

As part of the contract, the Acuity staff receives tailored training and development covering on the job mentoring, e-learning as well as classroom learning. Each employee is set annual targets in an effort to increase engagement and staff motivation. In addition to the training programs, the staff have been given specially designed uniforms for this deployment.

“It is an extremely busy reception and we expect five-star service. If the team is not happy, that is mirrored to the people they greet and so it was very important to us that they are well looked after,” says Broadgate Quarter, Building Manager, Mike Dewhirst.

He continued by saying, “The Acuity Directors are genuinely passionate about what Acuity can do for its employees, and this shone through in the proposal. The tender decision was given to the team, who agreed Acuity was going to provide more training and personal development opportunities.”

“Overall, we’re more than happy with the high levels of management support that we are receiving from the Acuity team. This, in turn, is helping us to provide the best possible service to our tenants.”