Churchill – ‘Changing Our Industry™’

Successful soft service solutions provider, Churchill, is delighted to announce a new era for their organisation. Over 30 years of experience has given Churchill the foundation and more importantly, the confidence to truly make a difference and they are committed to ‘Changing Our Industry™’ in everything they do.

Established in 1978, Churchill has expanded throughout the UK and now offers a complete soft services solution to an extensive variety of public and private sector clients including offices, manufacturing facilities, schools, libraries, hospitals, shops and shopping centres.

In response to changes in the market and growing demand from customers, Churchill extended its range of services at the end of last year through the acquisition of two security businesses to now provide a complete ‘bundled’ package including cleaning, security and soft services. 

This new dawn for Churchill has culminated in their new vision – designed to expand, enhance and re-define customers’ expectations of their industry as well as a new brand and re-launched website (

The ‘Changing Our Industry™’ philosophy is championed by all senior personnel within the organisation and is strategically underpinned by five key values: Customer Service, People, Innovation, ‘Keeping it Local’ and Partnership. Everyone in the organisation is tasked with achieving this ambitious but realistic vision throughout every facet of their operations and every part of the industry they touch.

Joel Briggs, Group Managing Director for Churchill, said: “There are truly exciting times ahead as Churchill grasps our new challenge of ‘Changing Our Industry™’. The journey the company has been on is remarkable and everyone within Churchill deserves praise for their part in that journey. However our success has given us a chance not just to compete, but to ‘Change Our Industry’. As Group Managing Director, I will ensure we cascade and implement this bold vision throughout every facet of the organisation and I ask every member of our team to embrace its ideology, hold tight and enjoy the ride!”

The new vision was project managed by Churchill’s Bid Director, Andy Warren who highlights the contribution of everyone within the Senior Team: “My key belief in making an organisation memorable and unique is to have one single differentiator; one which fosters pride and engagement in the workforce, makes people pay attention, gets the industry talking, creates a buzz and even passion, and most importantly, one which people immediately associate with the name ‘Churchill’.

I was delighted that everyone within the Senior Team embraced this idea which allowed Churchill the opportunity to announce its new self to the industry and echo our unique vision. The timing was perfect, less than 12 months since major acquisition activity left the business in a malleable state; easily manipulated to reflect a new vision without risking its core structure. What an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on our industry!

The re-launch of our new website and the unveiling of our new vision is only the start of an exciting journey for the Churchill organisation. We are continuing to project manage this all-encompassing ethos into every aspect of our organisation through phased implementation on a short, medium and long-term basis.”

Churchill is clear on its goal of helping create a brand; one where the name ‘Churchill’ becomes synonymous with their vision – ‘Changing Our Industry™’. The result will be consistent and targeted growth in an ever-expanding service solutions marketplace followed by the potential for brand expansion which is transferrable across other service-based sectors.

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