Corps Security launches new manned guarding savings calculator

*Press Release*

Corps_Security_logoCorps Security has launched its Manned Guarding Savings Calculator to help businesses rightsize their security provision as they plan the return to workplace reoccupation. Facilities or security professionals simply input their manned guarding hourly charge rate and the number of security hours into the calculator and it shows how security costs could be significantly reduced by integrating security monitoring solutions with traditional manned guarding to protect premises, assets and people.

The calculator is a no-obligation tool to help facilities professionals planning the return to work think differently about their security spend.

As well as reducing costs for the organisation, a blended approach to security using security monitoring to complement officers on the ground, allows officers to be paid in line with Living Wage levels, increasing job satisfaction and retention.

Through Corps Security’s intuitive customer portal, organisations can have clear line of sight of both their manned guarding and monitoring service making it a completely integrated approach.

“We know companies are laden with financial concerns about the costs associated with their premises as well as seeking more flexible ways of using their buildings as people opt for a more hybrid model of work, combining home with the formal workplace”, said Mike Bullock, CEO of Corps Security. “As a result they are looking for a more flexible approach to their security. Because we provide both manned guarding and remote monitoring, we’re ideally placed to be able to advise on the best blend for an organisation.”