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Corps Security launches new manned guarding savings calculator
*Press Release* Corps Security has launched its Manned Guarding Savings Calculator to help businesses rightsize their security provision as they plan the return to workplace reoccupation. Facilities or security professionals simply input their manned guarding hourly charge rate and the number of security hours into the calculator and it shows how security costs could be significantly reduced by integrating security monitoring solutions with traditiona...
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EYES ON SmartSec Solutions with Managing Director, Theo Nicolaou

EYES ON is a new Infologue.com exclusive that aims to give readers an insight into security companies around the UK and the people behind them.

Infologue.com visited SmartSec Solutions, who will, this year be celebrating their 10 year anniversary. SmartSec has grown quickly and is currently just outside the Top 30, with aspirations of breaking in over the ne...