Emprise Shows its Charitable Side to Help Vulnerable People Find Work

Mark Beadle - CEO of Emprise-Services
Mark Beadle – CEO of Emprise-Services

Emprise Services plc, a leading support services provider, has shown that charity begins at home after donating a number of its security suits to help vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men find employment.

The company had a number of spare unused jackets and trousers in stock and decided to donate them to Suited & Booted, the London-based charity organisation, which provides the men with interview clothing and advice.

A total of 56 Panama jackets and 138 pairs of Conran trousers, in a variety of sizes, have already been shipped directly from Emprise’s suit supplier.

Dr Maria Lenn, founder of Suited & Booted, said: “The uniforms are perfect, just what we need. We are all absolutely delighted and the donation will help our vulnerable clients look the part for their job interviews, and feel confident and supported. We recognise the importance of wearing a suit or smart clothing and how empowering this can be, particularly in an interview situation.  We very much appreciate Emprise’s support, it means a lot to us and for our wonderful clients too.”

Emprise, which is committed to corporate responsibility in four main areas: its employees, the environment, the community and its supply chain, is widely involved in both charity and community initiatives.

Mark Beadle, Emprise’s chief executive, said: “When I heard Maria being interviewed on Jeremy Vine’s radio programme I was both so impressed and determined for us to find a way to help. Suited & Booted really do make a difference to people’s lives. Wearing a suit can change the way you feel about yourself and improve self esteem, so it made perfect sense to us to donate the clothing so other people could benefit. When you feel confident this is reflected in how you promote yourself to others and how they perceive you.”

Public agencies refer vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men to Suited & Booted, which then helps them into employment by providing suitable interview clothing donated by companies and professionals. It also offers interview advice and mentoring.

In its first year, it helped around 800 men – providing them with a suit, shirt, tie and accessories for their job interviews. It expects this number to grow to around 1,000 each year.

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