G4S publishes 2009 CSR report

G4S UK & Ireland has published its Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2009. This report outlines the steps G4S took last year to continue its journey of embedding its commitment to CSR into every facet of the business throughout the UK and Ireland. David Taylor-Smith and Ian Nisbet, CEOs of G4S’s Secure Solutions and Cash Solutions businesses in the UK and Ireland commented: “We are delighted to produce our second CSR report for G4S in the UK and Ireland. As you will see from this review of our performance in 2009, although we are still in the early stages of our CSR journey, we are making encouraging progress.  As chief executives, we ensure that our business operates as a good corporate citizen at all times, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.  

“In times of economic downturn, it’s absolutely vital that we remain fully committed to the implementation of our CSR strategy; essentially, CSR is good for our business.  We will continue to take an industry lead on CSR issues and this report forms part of our commitment to helping to continue to develop and deliver our CSR promises.  In our view, CSR is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it’s a ‘must-have’

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